All-Weather, All-Terrain

The autonomous mobility and exceptional durability of our robot platform make it a perfect fit for a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments.

Modular Design

Built with patented robot platform design, Reebotic's AI-powered robot is fully customizable and can be quickly tailored to your specific needs.

Around-the-Clock Service

Our robot platform can provide worry-free security protection for your valuable assets around-the-clock.

24/7 Customer Support

Reebotic's team is always here to help with your robot applications.

Surveillance Patrol, Emergency Response, Anomaly Detection, and More...

Reebotic's security robots provide affordable physical security solutions that can significantly augment your existing security capabilities. Equipped with full driving autonomy and advanced computer vision technologies, our robot can provide reliable security services around-the-clock such as surveillance patrol, emergency response, anomaly detection, and more.

All-Weather, All-Terrain

Built with patented chassis designs and drivetrain systems, our all-weather and all-terrain robot platform is highly rugged and can be a perfect fit for a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments. Thanks to its unrivaled durability, our robot has accomplished some of the hardest tasks around the world.

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One Robot, Full Coverage

The autonomous mobility of our robot can be further augmented to climb stairs (using our quickly installable track system) and open doors (using our manipulator arm). These added capabilities can extend a single robot's coverage from limited areas on a property to all floors and all rooms.

Optimizing Your Return on Investment

We offer affordable pricing for our Security Robot based on month-to-month service plans. We have several plan options available to provide flexibility for your specific needs. Our Security Robot can provide exceptional services for cents on the dollar when compared to traditional security solutions.


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